Hunting Locations

Our Hunting Areas in Colorado

The Quakey Park Ranch

The Quakey Park Ranch is where it all began for KB Outdoors Inc. Sitting on the southern slopes of Pikes Peak at a breathtaking 9,000+ feet in elevation hunters can expect a tough and challenging hunt with great rewards to those who dare to take on the challenge.  The outfitters family homesteaded on this ground in the 1920’s and has built an astounding quality of Deer and Elk with almost 100 years of management. With that being said it should come to no surprise that the outfitter and his guides have a vast understanding of the land and animal habits from season to season. We offer Elk, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Mountain Lion and Turkey hunts on this ranch. We hunt archery, muzzleloader and 3 rifle seasons. Quakey Park is our premier location for Trophy Elk.

The quality of bulls on this ranch can be deemed as far better than typical “Colorado average” on bulls. If wall hanger 6×6 or better Bull Elk is in your sights then this ranch is where you will fulfill all your elk hunting dreams. Bulls will average around 320 and even a few that top 350+. This is where quality is even better than quantity and to top it off throw in postcard perfect elk country.

Mule Deer hunting at Quakey Park has been consistently improving after not allowing any deer to be taken off the ranch for over 13 years. We ran our first deer hunts in 2017 and have only been improving the habitat and size of our bucks year in and year out. In addition to our resident bucks we also get some migratory deer to move in during the later seasons from timberline on Pikes Peak. We will see bucks that we have never seen before that show up on our ranch. Our management goal for the ranch is to take deer over 6 years old with a running average of 165 on deer and a select few hunters topping that mark each year this is as good as high country Mule Deer hunting gets. 

We are committed to providing you (client) the best possible hunt on this very sacred and coveted family ranch. We try to focus on, 160+ Mule Deer hunts and 300+ Bull Elk hunts. There is a limited amount of elk and deer taken off this ranch per year. If you are wishing to fill a well-earned bucket list hunt or just enjoy the hunt of a lifetime the quality is here to stay. Come share this renowned quality hunt with us today.

Rimrock Creek Ranch

KB Outdoors offers exclusive hunting rights on 10,000+ acres for Elk, Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer on the Eastern Plains of Colorado. This properties allows us to offer unique high-quality Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer and Elk hunting that cannot be found anywhere else on the plains of Colorado. The Eastern Plains are famous for producing big Mule Deer, big Whitetails and some pretty good Elk if you find the right spot for many years now. Due to the high popularity, limited draw, limited hunts offered and superb quality of these hunts, they do book at an extremely fast rate. Therefore if you have preference points we NEED to talk!

The area of Eastern Plains we hunt is historically famous for producing 180-200+ class mule deer. With the decline of deer populations and age class deer like these are hard to come by but a few hunters do get lucky every year. We would like to under sell and over perform for our clients. As an average for our area we hunt and kill 170-180+ class bucks on average. Our largest buck to date was taken in 2019 and the buck scored 203 4/8, as a side note we had never seen this deer before nor did we have any knowledge he existed. Therefore once again we would rather under-sell and over perform! All deer licenses are obtained through Colorado’s draw process taking 2 – 4+ preference points to secure a tag. We do have the option to procure landowner vouchers if our hunters that are unable to draw at a separate price being as these vouchers take the ranch just as much investment and time to draw just like the general public draw. If you are interested in hunting the ranch and do not have points give us a call to discuss getting a landowner voucher. Once again if you have points we NEED to talk!

The ranch provides excellent habitat for Elk hunting with the rolling grass hills, deep canyons covered in cedars, open meadows, numerous water sources and rocky bluffs. Chasing the prairie bugling bulls is a high intensity action packed hunt. Our Elk population is very healthy and on the rise Hunters can expect to see lower numbers of elk as compared to mountainous areas but very good quality of elk in relation to the Colorado average. This hunt is especially unique by allowing us to hunt bulls in the rut with rifles. We average taking 300″ class bulls yearly and every year one or two hunters exceed that mark.

Our ranches provide some of the best habitat the eastern plains’ has to offer for growing high-quality Deer and Elk. Our ranch consists of a cottonwood creek bottom, sage filled badlands, rolling grass hills, and rimrock canyons. In addition to the exceptional feed and habitat one will notice the age class of Deer and Elk on the ranch which is directly correlated to the limited hunting options in the units the ranch resides in.

All hunts are conducted on a spot and stalk basis unless otherwise noted. We are very methodical in how we conduct these spot and stalks as the main goal is to keep our Deer and Elk on the property. With that being said patience is the key here it may take a couple days to get the right stalking situation in our favor. We manage these properties very tightly for only the highest quality of animals the area can provide. Not only do we provide high-quality animals but also a high-quality experience. For those of you that are willing to take the challenge and go on the hunt of a lifetime get in touch with us today to take advantage of the great hunting opportunity, the Eastern Plains has to offer!

Lodging & Accommodations

We take care of you!

Prices are very fair across the board and instead of the high priced 5 star hunting lodge style hunt, you come to KB Outdoors, Inc. to see our guiding skills, not how well we did in home economics and the crust on the cherry pie. Lodging is available at all camp locations in comfortable modern ranch houses with all the amenities of home. Home cooked meals are served daily and are almost guaranteed to fill you up and make you leave amp wishing you had the secret family recipe to the dishes served.